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Practical information
Flight Crew
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Presentation : Mirage III-DS J-2012

Visitor Book of Hunter Trainer J-4203
Visitor Book of Mirage III-DS J-2012
In order to fly in a Mirage III you must be member of the association Espace Passion.
Espace Passion signup form
Then read and fill in the corresponding documents:

For further information on flights in a Mirage III please write to: 
Practical information
You registered and set the date for your flight.
The day has finally arrived, the weather seems good and you are at the air base with your family and your friends.

The decision to do the flight according to the weather is taken on the day, on site, according to the current weather conditions.

The person in charge of the passengers is here to welcome you. He/she will take care of the pre-flight preparation, your security and that of your relatives. He/she will also take photos, before and after the flight. He/she also
  • gives you a briefing on general security measures, especially around the plane and in the hangar.
  • provides your relatives with passes allowing a check of the visitors and spectators.
  • introduces you to the mechanics and the pilot.
  • checks that all administrative documents have been correctly filled in and signed, that you have paid for your flight and gives you your boarding pass.

It is time to get ready! The person in charge of the passengers shows you how to use your flight equipment:
  • flight suit
  • g-suit
  • helmet and oxygen mask
  • gloves
Do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here for you!

Pilot briefing
You plan your flight with your pilot. Please tell him where you wish to go, whether you have already flown a plane or if you have already done an acrobatic flight. Together you will plan the flight according to your wishes, the flight length, the weather conditions, the restricted flight zones, etc.
Your pilot will explain the effects of the g-force, the best way to absorb them, the flight patterns he plans to do.

You board the plane approx. twenty five minutes before take-off. The mechanic helps you fasten your harness and straps. The pilot joins you and starts verifying his check-list after having made sure that you are well seated.

During the flight
It is YOUR flight, the pilot aims at providing YOU with a unique and extraordinary experience! It is important that you talk to him, that you share your impressions.
You feel good? Tell him.
You love the feeling of the g-force? Tell him.
It is too hot, you don't feel good? Tell him.

After the flight
Photos by the plane and debriefing with your family, friends and the whole team.

We wish you a fantastic flight!